Management Profile

Tanvir A Mishuk

Founder Group Chairman and Managing Director

Telekom Asia Pte. Ltd.

Meet a pioneer, a dreamer, an achiever Mr. Tanvir A Mishuk. At the age of 30 he is a successful businessman in Singapore. His company is serving more than 17 countries worldwide. He started his career in 2005 as entrepreneur and within 10 years he is an international recognized figure running 9 successful companies with turn over more than USD 50 Million in a year. He is group Chairman of T-ASIA GROUP and Managing Director of Telekom Asia. Most of his ventures have recognized internationally and have earned many international awards. Always on the move and making an impact and excelling in whatever he did, this clear thinking risk taker has changed the face of the business space. Now he heads a successful empire focused on different areas of business through independent Joint Venture companies.

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Md. Shafayet Alam


Telekom Asia Pte. Ltd.

Shafayet Alam is the CEO of Telekom Asia Pte. Ltd. Before joining Telekom Asia he served HUAWEI as Director, Marketing & Corporate Affairs. He started working in Telecom & ICT sector from 1997. In last 18 years he worked for Telecom Malaysia International Bangladesh, ZTE, Philips, Motorola, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Kenwood, Braun, & Cannon.

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Kazi Monirul Kabir


Wallet Asia (A creation of Telekom Asia Pte. Ltd.)

Kazi Monirul Kabir is working as director of Telekom Asia. He is director & CEO of Wallet Asia; a concern of Telekom Asia Pte. Ltd. He worked as country Manager of Google, Chief Communications Officer of Telenor ASA (Grameenphone Ltd.), Group Chief Commercial Officer; Rahimafrooz Limited; Head of Direct Sales Division; Vimpelcom (Banglalink GSM), Regional Trade Marketing & Distribution Manager; British American Tobacco and Group Executive Director; Market Access Providers Limited. He is also Founder & CEO of Spider Digital Innovations, Purple Bulb Inc., Carefountain.

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